Discovery and Deception makes GOLD compelling


Matther Mcconaughey and Edgar Ramirez in search of GOLD

GOLD: Film critics have been wrong before. I predict they are wrong on Gold considering the outstanding performance of Matthew Mcconaughey as the compulsive character Kenny Wells. No doubt Wells almost cartoon-like body confirms what will happen when you live like a bird on the wire with a diet of alcohol.

Gold is based on the true story of Canadian businessman, David Walsh. Yes, Walsh did buy land in Indonesia; and, he did hire a geologist who salted a mine with gold flakes. Bottom line, it was one of the biggest stock scandals in Canadian history.

Trust me, Mcconaughey could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. The film storyline offers just such an opportunity. Wells is a young man who wanted to do a good job not only for the money, but, foremost to honor his father. Just how far he is willing to go to do this is what gives his character purpose. Walsh’s frustration for success makes him the perfect pushover. I predict Gold is a film that will be played over and over on movie channels.

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