“I don’t care what you talk about–just show up”

YEARS ago, I received an invitation that got my “reels” spinning–

“Hello, are you Dorothy Fleming?”  “Yes.”
“I was told that you give talks about politics.  We would like you to speak to our group.”
“Who is this?”‘
“Dr. So&So,” he continued, “and I’m with the (Local) Club.”
He went on to give me date, time and place.

“Would it be all right,” I asked, “if I talked about another subject? ”

“I don’t care what you talk about as long as you show up.”

So, there you have it–he needed a speaker and I was it.

I told him I would be there to talk about movies.

I had never given a talk about movies in my life; but, that’s what I would love to do.

The following couple of weeks I delighted in putting the “talk” together.  I would begin by telling the group about my recollection of classic movies and the stars that made them famous.  Next, I contrasted those films with today’s offerings.  Following my presentation, the group was most anxious to comment and tell about favorite films of their own.

I was certain that I enjoyed the afternoon more than they did–or so I thought.

The following weeks I received requests for the presentation.  I’ve given it at senior residences, assisted living facilities, churches, and civic groups.

 Let me know if you’d like me to visit your group–  

For rates and to schedule:  [email protected]

Now titled: MOVIES: THE REEL TIME OF YOUR LIFE   Appealing to the visual sense, sometimes I use a power point of the stars and the films that made them part of our lives.