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Dorothy FlemingSPEAKER:  Movies, Family Life, Food!, Home Care and now Just Dorothy added Flowers/Birds and Film Locations!! to her repertoire.


Dorothy Fleming has been speaking to groups of all ages about life, family, motivational topics and movies.  Movies:  The Reel Time of Your Life, Burnout Baloney, Watching out for GRANNY! and more.  Dorothy is a wife, mother, grandmother who loves to cook with her husband, is a catcher of fish who feeds birds and weeds her garden–to which she says  “there’s no end to any of the above.”

In 1990, with two married daughters and a five-year old, Dorothy’s mother was diagnosed with dementia.  Husband Mike said, “Bring her home!”  Dorothy and Mike met their challenges with a sense of surprise.  “Our two married daughters made all the difference with caring for mom,” Dorothy recalls, “so did having a husband who incredibly added some humor to the daily care.”  Mike adds his commentary to the presentations too!!

Dorothy has volunteered with a number of religious and secular organizations from Knights of Columbus, Council of Catholic Women boards to Community Chemical Awareness and Neighborhood Watch.  In addition, Dorothy served five years as a city council member.  Such variety over the years equips her with insights and stories that lift the spirit.  Her articles have appeared in local and national publications–some of which will appear on this site.

Contact Dorothy to give a presentation at your next event–be assured, Mike will have a few words to say too!   

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2014 April- Up & At ‘Em reviews of Noah & Captain America (skip Davis interview by moving red cursor to 30.15)

2014 March  Oscar Comments on the radio with Jack & Ben