Programs/Presentations for Your Group!

KEYNOTE PROGRAM & COMMENTARY —      Length of presentation will be tailored to your group–30, 40 minutes or more.  You may wish to leave at least 15 minutes after the program for discussion!  Pass the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy!  You provide the screen/wall. I have the projector.


MOVIES:  THE REEL TIME OF YOUR LIFE Reel Time begins with Loretta Young and follows contemporary actors of the silver screen with commentary about favored directors and the films that made them famous.  Consider the scenes from It’s a Wonderful Life and Groundhog Day and what is it that makes these and other films remembered.  40 minutes with discussion time following–an opportunity, for those who wish to participate, to talk about his/her favorite films.

WE CALL THEM HEROES:  Heroes/Heroines and the films that tell their stories. Who are they and why do we call them heroes?  40 minutes with discussion time following.

THE POLITICAL SCREEN:  Activist/Political films that inspire. showing how one person can make a difference:  From Argo and Lincoln (2012) to some of Frank Capra’s finest characters and the message they leave with us.   40 minutes –and believe me, everyone has something to say afterwards. 

I THEY FOUGHT FOR US:  Honoring our Veterans. From the Revolutionary War to the War in Iraq, and American Sniper, those who served were represented and honored on the silver screen.  

II HOME OF THE BRAVE: Honoring our Veterans part II–movie stars who served and then starred in military films.

LIVING THE BEATITUDES: — in the movies!  

THE HAPPIEST SEASON OF ALL:  From Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Year’s Eve, Hollywood has given us some of our fondest memories–from It’s A Wonderful Life to Holiday Inn, Christmas Story and White Christmas.  Wear your favorite red sweater and serve up some cookies!  Everyone loves this joyous season.

I DO!  I DO!  Love, Marriage and the Films that Capture Our Hearts:  From Ma & Pa Kettle to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Dorothy’s commentary will rekindle those magic moments from movies you’ve enjoyed over the years.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD:  Tasty movie moments!

SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET: Films about making the best of tough times.

TEAMWORK:  We’re better together! :  From Laurel and Hardy to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and so many more duos and teams that worked together.

HATS OFF TO MUSICALS:  Memorable musicals are shown while Dorothy gives the commentary and changes hats to match the movies.  

ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN – Movie Mutts!  Movies with pooches that made us laugh and cry.

WHO CARES?  Caregivers at home, a care center, those we meet on the street are all in need.  Those who respond find their care, whether it’s a note to cheer or daily care, these are the people who give in the most self-sacrificing and sometimes even courageous ways.  Think of the examples of care in Driving Miss Daisy, Hope Floats or In Her Shoes and so many more.

DOROTHY & MIKE ON LOCATION: A personal trip through classic mid-west movie locations. 5 States in 5 Days 12 Sites!






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