Director Ron Marshall with Into the Woods cast.

Director Ron Marshall with Into the Woods cast.

News that Into the Woods celebrated the biggest opening weekend ever for a movie adapted from a Broadway musical must have director Rob Marshall celebrating once more. Marshall was also the director of Academy Award winning Chicago (2002).




I loved Into the Woods as a play with memorable quotes/music/lyrics the first time I saw it. Like so many movie aficionados, I couldn’t wait for it to open on the big screen and it didn’t disappoint. Casting and costuming with Disney settings made this fairy-tale themed musical an easy candidate as an Oscar nominee.

Yes, expect to laugh out loud as the witch, Red Riding Hood, a wolf and a couple of princes learn life’s lessons the hard way.  Though the woods are eerie and dark, the characters are anything but grim (yes, pun intended). So, don’t be surprised if you start humming the tunes next time your off “to grandmother’s house.”