LION is tender-hearted movie across thousands of miles

LION, the story of an adopted man pursuing his biological family, was also a surprise adventure through two countries. The movie begins w/ a little Saroo who roams the streets to the point of being hungry and lost. His bed in a stationary train takes him thousands of miles from home to Calcutta. Change of language results in his adoption by a couple from Tasmania (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham). Another boy is also adopted by the couple.

Skipping through the years, the boys are grown and find themselves somewhat estranged. Dev Patel plays Saroo as an adult who is haunted by his childhood journey. He is particularly hurting because he knows his mother, who did not abandon him, must be looking for him. The pursuit of his mother reveals the anxiousness and tragedy experience by some adoptees. What an opportunity to join Saroo on his journey.

(spoiler) Lion is based on a true story. First-time feature director Garth Davis ends the film with the ideal real-life family reunion via pictures.┬áThe story was once told in Saroo’s best-selling book A Long Way Home. Lion will bring a tear to your eye.