For Greater Glory is the Story of a Fight for Freedom

“Freedom cannot be compromised. Freedom is absolute.” For Greater Glory-the true story of Cristiada
Did you know about the people’s revolt in Mexico during the 1920’s Cristero War? I didn’t. Nor did I know about the epic 2012 film, For Greater Glory, about those who risked everything for faith, family, freedom—the very future of their country.
The story’s theme is religious persecution foisted on Catholics in Mexico by a president who began his crusade by banishing or killing the priests and bishops believing the faithful would eventually abandon their practices and beliefs.
Though my daughter Virginia had not seen Glory, her comments about it caught my attention. I’m glad I bought it before I read the reviews. Critics scorned the religious references; but to ignore religion would be a deception. To ignore the Catholic faith of a rag-tag band of rebels with no resources for battle would negate the only asset that brought them to victory.

Andy Garcia plays General Gorostieta, a retired military man and an atheist whose willingness to lead is his belief in freedom—“absolute freedom.” The courage and faith of these idealists begins to fill the spiritual void in this self-sacrificing leader.
The DVD lists a special feature that gives the true story of the Cristeros. Don’t miss it! In fact, the similarities of compromised freedom and trampled religious rights have already infested our hallowed ground.