K-PAX may be just a little out of this world

K-PAX was released in 2001

I’m guessing that when K-Pax was released in 2001 you took a pass. I know I did. At the time, I wasn’t surprised that Rotten Tomatoes gave Pax a 41% rating.

K-Pax is about Port, a guy who says he’s from the planet K-Pax and that lands him in a psych ward. What I apparently ignored were who the 2 great actors starring. Jeff Bridges plays the doctor at Belleview and Kevin Spacey is the patient from K-Pax!  Dynamic duo.



My husband found interest in the film particularly when Roswell, New Mexico was mentioned. We visited the UFO Museum in Roswell in January and I have to admit, it made me a believer!

While Port is in the psych ward, he befriends the patients by offering to take one of them to K-Pax when he leaves. His popularity causes quite a stir and consideration of what these folks suffer. Port also has an impact on his doctor. I found it rich to have Bridges and Spacey in a film together—even better to be in a film that touches both heart and soul.